Since I started singing my song, helping readers, audiences and clients to discover their own magic, my work seems to resonate with many and has garnered recognition in several quarters.

Some identify me as a “most influential thinker”, others heap accolades on my books, articles and other media.

It’s all very lovely. But I try not to get too big-headed or full of myself — because I’m still the same guy who started out washing pans and cleaning toilets, with the big, gaping holes in my shoes.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the praise.

Getting recognition and praise is always good for the soul. While my soul does a dance of jubilation, and my ego puffs out its chest, the authentic self in me knows that I’m only here at this point because I’ve been helped along the way by many lovely people.

I’m grateful to my readers and all the wonderful souls who prop me up with their support, encouragement and friendship — thank you for helping me sing my song.

Of course, I had to ‘write the lyrics’ and start singing myself. But when you join in, we create a beautiful melody that has resulted in praise and recognition like these few examples:

Sigi Osagie is the greatest voodoo magician of all time! He can walk on water, swim to the ocean floor using just his toes, and fly up to touch the sun…

— ProcurementIQ (formerly IBISWorld Procurement)

No, they didn’t really say that. Here’s what they said, listing me as a “Top Procurement Influencer”.

And the ‘thanks’ comment on Facebook was a lovely touch: “Thank you, Sigi, for sharing your knowledge with all of us in the procurement space!”


Sigi Osagie is the best thing since sliced bread! He’s as handsome as Adonis, as strong as Hercules and as wise as Zeus. He killed three lions with his bare hands…

— Procurious

That sounds awesome. But they never said that. Here’s what Procurious said, naming me as one of “Procurement’s Most Influential Thinkers” and a “Top Influencer in Procurement and Social Media”.


Sigi Osagie’s articles will give you the enlightenment of a Zen master and the golden touch of Midas…

— Sievo

Hmmm… maybe one day. In the meantime, I was delighted to be “crowned” in Sievo’s “10+1 Top Procurement Articles”.


His books will give you superpowers and teach you how to perform miracles…

— Spend Matters Network

I wish it were true. In truth, it was lovely to see Procurement Mojo® described as “one of the best procurement books of the past 20 years” in Spend Matters’s line-up of “A Handful of Recommended Books”, and to be lauded as “someone who we think is destined to be an important influence on the profession” in their review of the book.


Dear Sigi, … Thank you for sharing the secret of the philosopher’s stone and showing us how to use it to win the lottery jackpot…

— Procurement People

LOL! I’d have to win it myself first and take my mistress on an extravagant shopping spree, before thinking of showing anyone how to.

What Procurement People actually said was: “…thank you for supporting this procurement knowledge sharing session… You certainly did add value and it was a pleasure to have you present, …your presence and energy instantly relaxes people and the way you communicate shows you are a man of gravitas…”


A promoter of the #procurement function, raising the profile & providing insights. #FF @SigiOsagie #Influencer

— @ALResourcing

Yes, this is what Austin Lee Resourcing said.


Sigi Osagie… Non, non, non, ça suffit!

OK, that is indeed enough. Thank you for visiting my website — I hope you discover one or two things here that influence you to sing your song.

© Sigi Osagie 2015-2019

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