Career Dreams to Career Success: Conversations with a Mentor

***NEW Revised and Expanded Edition, now also in paperback***


Everybody wants success but not everybody knows how to get it. Do YOU know how to achieve the career success you want?

This book is filled with tremendous wisdom and practical guidance to help you thrive and succeed in your career.

Drawing on empowering and unique mentoring advice, this book gives you some of the most inspired insights and tips on achieving career success.

It’s the same guidance I provide to coaching and mentoring clients who go on to elevate their careers to stellar heights.

And you too can flourish in your career from what you’ll learn in this book: you will discover the most crucial things you need to turn your career dreams into reality. 

It isn’t a conventional career advice book. Conventional wisdom frequently yields conventional results, i.e., standard, normal, ordinary. The success you want is not ordinary – if it was, everybody would achieve it. The career success that awaits you is extraordinary.

Career Dreams to Career Success is a compilation based on decades of experience helping people like you unleash their potential and seize their career destiny.

Read it! It will enrich your understanding and give you the fundamental smarts to achieve success.

It’s simple, straightforward and authentic, like a conversation with your mentor – that’s soul food for your career success.

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What Others Say

Amen! I need to practice this advice!

Brian Smith

Pennsylvania, USA

…gives good advice on improving your game.

Bruno Alvarez

Guatemala City, Guatemala

★★★★★ Another inspirational read from Sigi! Full of useful tips…

Amazon customer


…a brilliant coach and mentor.

Ben Wilmot

Programme Manager, Ericsson AB