“Everyone should have a Sigi in their cupboard!”

What a fabulous endorsement – it made my heart smile. Just one of
the many lovely things people say about…

…My Books & Products

…excellent book… full of practical solutions… as easy to read as one of my favourite crime novels… This one is a page-turner!

Christiaan Murphy

Brussels, Belgium

…there is a lesson [here] on what matters most… for everyone who has any ambition in their career.

Durham University Business School

One of the best procurement books of the past 20 years

Spend Matters Network

 …a great book by a true professional… provided in an easy to read way too without resorting to unexplained jargon… Well done Sigi, look forward to the follow up.

Amazon customer

Love your book, very insightful!

Karl K.

Twickenham, UK

…finding your book useful and inspiring.

Justin Goldup

Cambridge, UK

…I am very much enjoying your book… Well done and keep driving inspiration, best practice and ‘can do’ attitude.

Michael G.

Pittsburgh, USA

Winnie-the-Pooh on management and… on problem solving… seriously, essentials!

Jan-Patrick Willmes

Zürich, Switzerland

…good business advice and worthwhile career advice… and I see value for managers in both multinationals and small to medium businesses…

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society


Five Stars! This book is everything to me…

Gaitan J. Banzi

Tanzania (Amazon review)

 …I can take a lot from the book as weapons to approach stakeholders. Great advice and examples!

Amazon customer

…thanks for inspiring us Sigi!

Emmanuel Cambresy

Montreal, Canada

…one of the best!

Suchita Bansal

Bengaluru, India

…most interesting and of significant value… definitely opened my eyes… [and] motivated me…

Michael C.

Cheshire, UK

Hi Sigi, Just heard your podcast on Procurious… I love it… provided me with vital information on how to unleash procurement mojo…

Troy S.

Sydney, Australia

…one of the most refreshing recent “reads” that I have had the pleasure of engaging in…

Martyn K.


@SigiOsagie Reading your book, Procurement Mojo, right now. I love it, very inspiring!

Pieter van Dam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Congrats, Sigi. This is a rare instance of judging a book by its cover and getting it right…

John Hall

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

…your book was amazing… awesome…

Pascale J.

Chicago, USA

His content is powerful, concise and invaluable…

Stuart Pemble

London, UK

…My Speaking

Great talk on Change Management by Sigi Osagie and how Procurement drives change.

Deb Woods

VP Product Management, software vendor, USA

It was a great pleasure to have you in Burberry with us. I really enjoyed your speech and your energy.

Sergio Martin

Supply Chain Senior Manager, Burberry

…@SigiOsagie takes the stage… he’s unleashing the #procurement mojo!

Lisa Malone

General Manager, Procurious

It was interactive, not another dull presentation. Good to share personal experiences. Motivational! Thank you.

Pavlina Fox


Very stimulating presentation.

Alan Carey

Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, Harrow, UK

Very inspirational, captivating and interesting!

Zakia Durrani

London Borough of Brent Council

Hi @SigiOsagie, You are an inspiration! I’ve woken up with new vigor and energy! Great meeting with you yesterday.

Tim Hughes

Business Development Director, Oracle

Got my procurement mojo working. @SigiOsagie giving a great talk on change management

Jason Busch

Founder, Azul Partners & Spend Matters

@SigiOsagie Inspiring CIPS branch event (speech)… ‘Finding Your Mojo’; provided the motivation and desire to push myself.

Mark Culley

Network Rail

Great presentation about ‘Change’ at NextLevel ‘16. Thank you Sigi.

Stephen Wiehe

CEO, SciQuest

An impassioned speaker! Will inspire people to perform to their full potential.

Mark Slater

Associated Procurement Ltd.

Excellent. Inspirational

Vanessa Sullivan

Consultant, Langley Search & Selection

Loved the passion, energy and suggestions… thanks!

Tom Verghese

Cultural Synergies, Australia

Great kick off by @SigiOsagie… – ‘it’s all about the people’ spot on!

Tony Jones

Procurement Director, Hovis

Great presentation at the University of Hertfordshire Business School. I thought it was excellent! A very informative event.

David Morgan


I’ve just listened to Sigi outline his thoughts around the importance of ‘people’ [in the workplace] … His insights were inspiring, to say the least…

Jordan Early

Procurious News

Sigi has an inimitable way of delivering speeches… and that makes his speeches particularly engaging.

Peter Smith

Spend Matters Europe

Very motivating and positive. Really affirmed the holistic career development, encompassing the whole of life experiences!

Liz Standbrook

TLM Trading Ltd.

Great #procurement leadership insights from @SigiOsagie…

Deem Work Fource

San Francisco, USA

…fantastic webinar… Many thanks for sharing your insights. I look forward to reading your book.

Shiva Krishna

Oracle P2P Senior Consultant, Seattle, USA

Very motivating… useful and valuable information…

Anna Chlebowska

Westminster Business School

The delegates’ feedback was the best indicator for this guest lecture. More than half of the audience wanted to talk to the speaker after the lecture… as well as to ask to be mentored by Mr Osagie…

Dr. Petros leromonachou

University of Greenwich Business School


Satheesh Nair

VP Procurement, Syncoms

…My Business Advice & Interim Management

Sigi provided a very thorough and critical review of the Supply Chain capability. Focus was properly on the people and leadership issues of the team and he made clear assessments and recommendations. He put discipline into the team and processes and was very successful. Sigi’s work has been very effective and set Supply Chain on a new course…

Simon Beswick

Managing Director, Tritech International Ltd.

We have had business advice from Sigi in the past, and… he is supporting us with a number of critical business initiatives – the acquisition and integration of a new business; operational performance and cost improvements; and a leadership development programme for our senior managers in the business. The quality of service we receive is unquestionable, and we find Sigi to be very professional and easy to work with – he provides fresh and insightful contribution to the development of our business and we value this greatly.

Peter Codner

Managing Director, Willow Group, Middlesex, UK

Dear Sigi, Well done to you and thank you for all you have done for us. You really have pushed a stone uphill! Please visit us when you are ever up our way. Best regards


Finance Director, Hi-tech subsea products manufacturer

Sigi has been leading our procurement and supply management activities through a period of significant change, following GIP’s acquisition of Gatwick from BAA. He has been instrumental in aligning our Procurement function to Gatwick’s new priorities, and instigated a number of developments to improve our supply base and procurement capability. [Sigi] …brings clarity, direction and focus to organisational development issues… He has excellent business awareness and leadership abilities, and is able to articulate ideas effectively and secure stakeholder alignment.

Scott Stanley

COO, Gatwick Airport Limited

The results achieved during Sigi’s time here speak for themselves – Arrears down by £300K, Inventory down by £250K, OTD up by 20 percentage points, morale within the Supply Chain team at an all-time high, teamwork and appreciation of each Supply Chain manager’s department greatly improved… I am particularly indebted to the time spent in our 1-2-1 meetings which had a great focus on re-branding of my image within the business. Sigi has put in place solid building blocks for the future of the Supply Chain and subsequently the business as a whole.

Gary Swales

Inventory Project Manager, Safety products supplier

I have had the pleasure of working with Sigi on improving our procurement at David Brown, and he did more than educate me – he brought out a passion that I had lost. Although he is results-driven and has very high standards, he uses his coaching leadership style to not only motivate but to ensure that one’s focus is aligned with the key goals and intents. He’s really good at what he does. He has inspired me to take my Procurement function to a different level and drive greater profitability for the company. I highly recommend Sigi.

Natalie Bouwer

Regional Procurement Manager, David Brown Gear Systems South Africa

A significant step-change in personal and business performance was delivered… Barriers have been broken down… allowing for those within the Supply Chain team to realise their potential… He has translated the strategic position of the business and its KPIs in a focused manner… Sigi has remained professional and positive every single day – in all my years in business, I have never been close to such a motivational and inspirational leader.

Paul Cartwright

Delivery Improvement Project Manager, Britax PMG Ltd.

…Very detailed, very thorough and exceptionally well-documented… Comprehensive, tireless, patient and informative induction of new Supply Chain board director – provided a real fast-forward support… [Sigi] has delivered an exceptional piece of work which will have impacts on the company performance for years to come. The approach was systematic, clear, concise and, above all, contains the practical solution that companies need to move forward. Overall, an excellent piece of work in a very short space of time.

David Bradley

Supply Chain Director, Tritech International Ltd.

A very in-depth and focused review of the initial objectives, which took me on my own journey through the ‘end-to-end’ supply chain process. A very thorough analysis of data highlighted clearly where the main issues were, and clear guidance was then given on which areas of the business should be focused on to achieve results… I found Sigi’s structured approach to everything to be a major factor in helping climb the mountain… as our OTIF increased significantly and our inventory reduced.

Brent Richardson

Materials Manager, Britax PMG Limited

…one of the most inspiring experiences I have had. He constantly brings his vision, his management and leadership skills to motivate people… a very systematic and thorough professional turnaround manager who follows a proven process to engage all staff… to get everyone fixing key issues and working together… I would recommend Sigi to any large or small organization that needs sustainable growth, better process discipline and improved people capability.

Anaclette Britto

Global Supplier Quality Assurance Manager, David Brown Gear Systems

Sigi has made a significant difference to our business. With his drive and experience he has directed us into new ways of thinking to achieve the end goal, which is On-Time-In-Full customer satisfaction… with Sigi’s drive, self-belief and structured approach, we have found that impossible tasks are not as difficult once you drill into the core problems and rectify them. …he has re-kindled the fire and desire in me to want more from my career… Sigi is one of a kind… Thank you Sigi!

Chris Phelps

Logistics Manager, Multinational automotive manufacturer

…My Coaching & Mentoring

Sigi has been a fantastic coach and mentor to me for quite a significant period, helping me advance my personal effectiveness and develop my career with great success. He has been particularly brilliant at helping me develop and sharpen up my leadership capabilities, and he has also given me specific support on a number of occasions to help me navigate tricky challenges in my personal and work life, including helping me prepare for and sail through a couple of job promotions. A truly great coach and mentor.


Regional Manager, Financial Services, Hertfordshire

I did not know what to expect from my very first session with Sigi, but having him as a coach was the important push l needed to ‘think outside the box’ and erase the boundaries I thought I had. He has in no small measure challenged me to understand what my priorities are and how it affects my goals/plans. If you want to see life as a ‘half full glass’ and not ‘half empty’ no matter the circumstances, then I would gladly recommend Sigi as a coach and mentor. Thank you Sigi.


Project Buyer, Public Sector, West Midlands

…thank you for your time and effort trying to help me to fulfil my potential. Due to your coaching and mentoring I have learned so much, especially that my destiny is in my own hands… Your sessions have given me the capabilities to alter the perception I have of myself, of the world, and the perception people have of me… I would recommend you to anyone that I feel will benefit from your sessions. Once again thank you for everything….


Area Manager, Financial Services, London

Sigi coached our team to improve our effectiveness and functional competence. In particular he helped me make a successful transition to my new role in the team, and to sharpen my own professional capabilities. I have continued to use some of the things I learnt from him in my own career many years later. I would be happy to recommend Sigi as a brilliant coach and mentor.

Ben Wilmot

Programme Manager, Ericsson UK

Sigi demonstrated a broad understanding of all supply chain related processes, with strong emphasis on performance measurement and devolved accountability. The coaching provided in terms of personal effectiveness was most useful and prompted changes in my attitude and approach to work, and to my relationships with my colleagues.

Phil Musker

Supply Chain Manager, Tritech International Ltd.

I met Sigi and took up a mentoring programme with him. I found the format really flexible… [Sigi has] a dynamic engaging personality with great insight and effective methods of ‘Sigi-psychology’. I took his advice, wisdom and tips to heart and got to work… Over the next few months my self-confidence increased and so did my self-belief, and it feels amazing… Sigi’s work is truly priceless!

Samantha Coombs

Procurement Manager, London

Sigi has been instrumental in ensuring the rapid and successful enhancement of my professional skills, and in facilitating my overall development through his coaching and mentoring support. This enabled me to progress successfully from my position as a member of a team to manager of a team and beyond. Through Sigi’s encouragement to appraise many aspects of my career previously overlooked, I have continued to develop beyond the support he initially gave me, but I find it always worthwhile to catch up and see that I am still moving in the right direction.


Supply Chain Project Manager, Public Sector, London

Everyone should have a Sigi in their cupboard!

Sonia Fatkin

Sun Power Yoga, Oxfordshire

…thank you for the time you spent with me during a very difficult and challenging period… Through you I have learned… how to take responsibility and ownership for my life’s actions, with an emphasis on positively shifting my mental processes and adapting to change… has given me the ability to change the way I see life and its challenges as opportunities for growth and learning more about myself…. Once again, thank you for everything.


IT Manager, Retail Industry, London

Hi Sigi, I would like to thank you for your help and support with my career and personal development over the last few months. You have managed to change my way of thinking which I consider life-changing. Kind Regards.


Materials Manager, Rail Industry, London

I was first introduced to Sigi six years ago whilst working as a Production Manager for a business where Sigi had been appointed as the Interim Supply Chain Director… Sigi mentored and coached me… and left with me tools, techniques and, more importantly, different ways of thinking that have stayed with me until today… I can truly recommend him as someone who can instil self-belief and through his listening skills put any business situation into context and deliver clear and concise guidance.

Darren Brackwell

Senior Operations Manager, BAE Systems