Hi, I’m Sigi. I help organisations and individuals boost their workplace effectiveness to achieve their business and career goals.

You’re in the right place if YOU need help and pragmatic solutions on leadership and organisational effectiveness; personal effectiveness; change management; career growth and success; or procurement & supply chain management.

I’ve been described as “a guru”, “an inspiration”, “a philosopher from the future”, “the Seth Godin of Procurement” (‘loved that one!), a “top influencer” and other epithets.

Of course, I’m flattered by these descriptions. But I’m simply a human being like you, who wants to nurture my best self, and help others ignite the fire in their belly and fulfil their potential. I do that through my books & products, and through my work as a writer, speaker, business adviser and coach & mentor.

I arrived in the UK as a near barefoot and penniless immigrant in the early nineties, paid my dues in several menial jobs, and fourteen years later got my first senior executive job as a global director in a FTSE 250 blue-chip multinational.

So what? Well, that 14-year journey took a lot of hard slog, a bit of luck and LOTS of learning. My work today is about sharing that learning to help others spread their wings and fly.

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“…your book is a delightful read! I loved the real-life stories… with sensible and realistic guidance which I’m already applying...”

Susan M. – Baltimore, USA

“…an incredible speaker… His content is powerful, concise and invaluable… will have a long-lasting, immensely positive effect upon the Burberry team…”

Stuart Pemble – Group CPO, Burberry

“…excellent book… full of practical solutions… as easy to read as one of my favourite crime novels… This one is a page-turner!”

Christiaan Murphy – Brussels, Belgium

“…an excellent speech with very valuable and informative content… he had a great impact on the audience with his message. Thank you for a job well done!”

Karen Sage – Chief Marketing Officer, SciQuest

“…brings clarity, direction and focus to organisational development issues… has been instrumental in aligning our Procurement function to Gatwick’s new priorities…”

Scott Stanley – Chief Operating Officer, Gatwick Airport

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“The destiny of your organization is inexorably linked to your ‘people capability.’”: https://t.co/ikKoUjyesa

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“Your character, ethics and #personalbrand reputation are all crucial factors which impact your persuasiveness and ability to win over your stakeholders at work.”: https://t.co/VlybI6U2NB

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“Don’t let anyone or anything quench the fire in your belly or starve your spirit.

Nourish yourself with soul food for your career success.”: https://t.co/NncGYfW2bJ

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“Remember, protecting the enterprise we serve through effective risk management in the supply management domain is part and parcel of the #Procurement job.”: https://t.co/uc6t9YFZRF

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“Orgns. that remain at the top of their game recognize that not every success employees achieve can be measured in numbers.

They get the best out of their people & harness their capabilities w/out becoming slaves to the numbers.”: https://t.co/O6cMpk0Wih

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