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I worked hard and paid my dues to accumulate the knowledge and expertise to produce this content. Please don’t steal it.

If you do, I will find out eventually; even if you change aspects of it and pass it off as your own work. And I will pursue you with the full weight of the law.

I will also invoke a voodoo curse on you — do not treat this lightly; this is not a joke or meaningless threat.

I appreciate having my work publicised and disseminated, and it’s somewhat flattering. But I must also safeguard my intellectual property rights — I earn my living from the expertise encapsulated in my intellectual property.

If you’d like to use any of my content, …

  • …you don’t need my permission to:
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These stipulations apply to all my articles, posts, other written material and commentary, even if they were published or you discovered them in a medium other than this website.

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