My book, Procurement Mojo®, has been highly lauded in many reviews and features, and I’m so pleased and grateful. You can read a few of the review extracts below, along with some of the actual articles:

…a very impressive book… from someone who we think is destined to be an important influence on the profession over the next years… if you judge business books on enjoyment, their ability to provoke your thinking, and education, then I’m struggling actually to think of another procurement book I’ve read that combines those elements in a more satisfying manner…

Reviewed in: “Procurement Mojo – Reviewing Sigi Osagie’s Impressive First Book” by Peter Smith, Spend Matters UK/Europe, 11 Nov. 2014


…an easy read and more importantly it is highly relevant… if you work in procurement you need to read it… Just go buy the book… full of profound wisdom…

Reviewed in: “Stop Moaning & Find Your Mojo” by Lesley Mason,, 3 Feb. 2019


…be it known that if you are looking for a way to build your Procurement brand, start by gettin’ Sigi with it!

Reviewed in: “Gettin’ Sigi With It!” by Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 8 June 2015


If the people who handle procurement follow the examples in the book they will earn the respect they hope for…  There are lessons here for government as well as for companies and individuals. If people read, learn, adapt and apply, then, as Sigi Osagie intends, procurement will have its mojo.

Reviewed in: “Procurement Mojo, Sigi Osagie” by Barry Tuckwood, Durham University Business School Alumni Network e-Newsletter, Winter 2015


…if you are interested in shaping your procurement strategy as a fit in the overall organisation strategy – a key criteria for success in any department – then I would recommend this as a worthwhile read… good business advice and worthwhile career advice… I see value for managers in both multinationals and small to medium businesses.

Reviewed in: “Book Review: Procurement Mojo” by Stephanie Krishnan, LogiSYM Magazine, 6 Apr. 2015


…aims to reveal how you can find your “procurement mojo” by improving the effectiveness of the function, while increasing the recognition of procurement’s role across the company.

Reviewed in: “Book: Procurement Mojo by Paul Snell, Supply Management, 9 Dec. 2014


…an important book for many procurement professionals and organizations… we highly recommend that you check out Sigi Osagie’s Procurement Mojo

Reviewed in: “Finding Your Procurement Mojo and Gettin’ Sigi With It!” by Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 12 June 2015


…offers a fresh perspective on how Procurement Professionals can boost their organisation’s Procurement capability.

Reviewed in: “Have You Got Your ‘Procurement Mojo’?” by Maria Duvidzon, Dialogue, 24 Nov. 2014


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Reviews feature extracts from Procurement Mojo® — Strengthening the Function and Raising Its Profile by Sigi Osagie © 2014