Almost every organisation and countless senior leaders talk about “talent”. But only a minority really get their groove on with the subject, i.e., walking the talk with their actions on ‘people capability’.

5 things worth bearing in mind about this;

NO. 1: Expending effort to recruit or develop talent and then failing to take the right steps to retain and harness that talent is just plain stupid.

NO. 2: You should look after your great employees; because people who are really good at what they do seldom stick around in organisations that don’t bring out the best in them.

The same applies to those who just need a bit of help and guidance to up their game and bring their personal magic to the work they do for you.

NO. 3: You can invest gazillions of moolah in “best practice” process improvements and all-singing-all-dancing technology. But, ultimately, best practice processes and tools or technologies can, and will, be replicated by others. Whereas, talent cannot be copied — it can only be acquired and nurtured, through effective recruitment and employee development and engagement.

NO. 4: Refusing to develop your employees for fear of losing them is like refusing to maintain a prized car because it might get stolen. That’s plain organisational stupidity.

Think about it deeply.

The destiny of your organisation is inexorably linked to your ‘people capability’.

NO. 5: Employees will treat customers, colleagues and other stakeholders in a way that reflects how they themselves are treated and how they feel about their work.

If the ‘vibe’ they feel is sweet, then the sweetness will flow through.

Talent management is partly about propagating that sweetness.

An effective talent management approach always augments employee engagement. And having a high proportion of staff whose hearts and minds are aligned to the work agenda is part and parcel of fostering an ‘organisational success culture’.

So, ask yourself this: “Am I truly unlocking the immeasurable capabilities and contribution of our organisational talent to secure our enduring success?”