It’s sad, but true, that many people leave their career growth at the mercy of their employers or bosses. People who take ownership of their career destiny are much more likely to attain success; because once you reach out for your mojo, it reaches out for you too.

Your mojo doesn’t care whether you work in Marketing, Procurement, Finance or the local convenience store. It simply wants to be unleashed and manifested in your success.

Unleashing your mojo starts with you and the fire of the human spirit in your belly.

Immeasurable capabilities abound in the human spirit, the same spirit that brought us the steam engine, penicillin and the internet; the same spirit embodied in Richard Branson, Michael Jordan, Adele, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Ellen MacArthur. That same spirit resides in YOU.

Look how far you’ve come; how many obstacles you’ve overcome; how many mountains you’ve climbed, to get to this point in your career. And you have the potential for greater successes.

Whatever your story, whatever your background, you have the capacity to achieve extraordinary things – because you were born with your mojo in you.

Your mojo is your personal gift of inner success, of being the best you can be. But you must unwrap that gift to manifest it in reality.

Unwrapping your gift is sweeter when the work you do as you build your career inspires you and rouses your spirit. An endeavour imbued with passion and enthusiasm will always be much more enjoyable.

Of course, things may not always go smoothly, or you may feel as if you’re not progressing fast enough.

But just because things may not sometimes feel like they’re progressing ‘to-plan’ doesn’t mean that things aren’t progressing at all. There are always two plans unfolding and spurring you towards your mojo: your plan and a slicker, more intelligent version written by life. When both are congruent is when we feel the ‘flow’ in our work.

You’ll only ever have a good chance of attaining this through your personal effectiveness – being effective in how you go about your work and career development, and making the most of your critical resources, e.g., your time, your thoughts and imagination, and your money.

If career success is truly important to you but you spend no time on your career development, yet you always watch your favourite TV programme or you always find time for the cinema or 5-a-side soccer every week, … Hmmm … Some people spend more money on their satellite or cable TV subscription, gym membership or clothes shopping each year than they do on their career development.

Would YOU class this as being effective?

Personal effectiveness means doing the right things to get what you want. But do you know what you want? What are your career goals?

If you have none, then you’re not targeting any particular outcomes. That’s like being on a journey without a destination.

Your goals are the North Star of your career journey. They give you focus on your aspirations, your dreams and the career destiny you desire; whether it’s to get a promotion in 2 years, to become a director in 1 year, to become CEO in 5 years or to set up your own business in 9 months.

Having clarity of your career goals — in your mind or in writing — helps you shape your destiny with greater success.

But having a goal without a route-map or game-plan to achieve it is somewhat feeble. Planning is how you get from point A to point B. Or how to achieve ‘X’ outcome or result, whether it’s the New Kalamazoo Highway construction project or your loft extension project. It’s the same with your career.

Think of your career plan as a rough draft of your route-map to success. It shouldn’t be like a divine blueprint set in tablets of stone; because you don’t have one hundred percent forward visibility or certainty of all the events and circumstances of your career journey. So stay flexible to recognise when life is giving you a better set of opportunities, especially when they’re disguised as challenges, which demand perseverance and self-belief.

Challenges often entail stretching yourself and learning something new, which is how we grow.

Whether we’re dealing with a disguised opportunity or a pre-defined career move, action is what counts. Take action to achieve what you want. Don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen. That’s the gift of your mojo – you have the ability to make things happen.

So start today; do something specific that will propel you powerfully towards your career goals.

Taking action means taking responsibility, which you must. You are the CEO of ‘My Career Inc.’ So don’t wait for your boss or your employer to develop your career; there’s only one person who can unleash your mojo – guess who that is!

Have faith in yourself. And don’t let anyone stop you; not even yourself.

© Sigi Osagie 2016. Advance excerpt from Career Dreams to Career Success by Sigi Osagie © 2018

Advance adaptation published as “Unlock Success By Unleashing Your Procurement Mojo” on, 30 Sept. 2016