You learned that if you play with fire you’ll get burned, from your parent(s) at home.

You learned that if you add two and two you get four, from your teacher at school.

You learned that if you stand in the rain you’ll get wet, from nature out there.

But where did you learn that you can’t or won’t achieve your career dreams?

Many of us get buffeted by the winds of time, circumstances and things that don’t quite work out as we would like. In the worst cases, we may become overwhelmed by seemingly insurmountable forces like frustration, impatience, doubt, fatigue, worry, and even stress and fear. Our psyches may start to imbibe some unspoken notion that our dreams are beyond our reach. And before we know it, we actually start acting as if that’s indeed true.

But is it?

A new year is the perfect opportunity to ponder this question.

A new year always ushers in lots of newness and freshness. We gain fresh insights when we reflect deeply on our experiences and growth in the preceding year. And the year that is just starting offers lots of new opportunities.

January is the time of the year when most of us dip into this aura of newness. Many of us bask in the optimism this fresh energy evokes. But some of us may be too hard on ourselves.

When you contemplate your career development over the last 12 months, don’t beat yourself up about things that didn’t go well.

Remember to celebrate the successes you had, no matter how small they may seem.

And as you prepare for the next 12 months, remember the potential within you — whatever your story, whatever your background, you have the capacity to achieve the career success you desire.

Life will ALWAYS give you more opportunities to discover and harness your potential. Be confident in yourself and seize them; because life is confident in you.

Don’t let anyone or anything quench the fire in your belly or starve your spirit.

Nourish yourself with soul food for your career success.

Copyright © Sigi Osagie 2019. All rights reserved

Adapted extracts published as “A new year always ushers in lots of newness…” and “You learned that if you play with fire…” on LinkedIn, 8 Jan. and 5 Feb. 2019, respectively