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…on leadership; organisational effectiveness; procurement & supply chain management; change management; personal effectiveness; career growth and success; and Africa.

My work is frequently featured in print and online media, white papers, round-table conferences, expert panels and other similar events. For example, I was on the advisory board for The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum; an advisory panellist for Supply Management; a member of Logistics Europe Supply Chain Vision Group; and a featured adviser on the inaugural Procurious Career Boot Camp.

You can view some of my related work and media features below.

The Truth About Congo

The on-going violence and consequent human crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has had extensive news coverage. But the news reports don’t really tell the true story. They highlight the plight of the Congolese people and blame the rebel Tutsi militia, led...

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Africa’s Leadership Crises

“You lost, Mugabe – so I’ll be back”. That was the headline in the World News section of The Sunday Times of 4th May. And the week before that the same section of the same newspaper carried a different headline on the on-going situation in Zimbabwe. In fact, over the...

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