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…on leadership; organisational effectiveness; procurement & supply chain management; change management; personal effectiveness; career growth and success; and Africa.

My work is frequently featured in print and online media, white papers, round-table conferences, expert panels and other similar events. For example, I was on the advisory board for The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum; an advisory panellist for Supply Management; a member of Logistics Europe Supply Chain Vision Group; and a featured adviser on the inaugural Procurious Career Boot Camp.

You can view some of my related work and media features below.

Comment on BBC Focus on Africa Blog: “Mix It Up”

Special economic zones (SEZs) have not previously been as successful in Africa as in other regions largely due to mismanagement. However, things may be starting to change in many parts of the continent, as we’re now seeing a growth of commercial enterprise and social...

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African Renaissance

Troubles in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and who knows where next. The wave of unrest and civil uprisings sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East is a clear message from the mass populace that it is time for change. In North Africa, in particular,...

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