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…on leadership; organisational effectiveness; procurement & supply chain management; change management; personal effectiveness; career growth and success; and Africa.

My work is frequently featured in print and online media, white papers, round-table conferences, expert panels and other similar events. For example, I was on the advisory board for The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum; an advisory panellist for Supply Management; a member of Logistics Europe Supply Chain Vision Group; and a featured adviser on the inaugural Procurious Career Boot Camp.

You can view some of my related work and media features below.

They Say I’m an “Influencer”

Since I started singing my song, helping readers, audiences and clients to discover their own magic, my work seems to resonate with many and has garnered recognition in several quarters. Some identify me as a “most influential thinker”, others heap accolades on my...

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New Year Equals New Opportunities

You learned that if you play with fire you’ll get burned, from your parent(s) at home. You learned that if you add two and two you get four, from your teacher at school. You learned that if you stand in the rain you’ll get wet, from nature out there. But where did you...

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