I appeared on the Art of Procurement podcast to discuss a range of issues pertinent to upping the Procurement game, e.g.,

  • The components that must be put together to create lasting Procurement success
  • Procurement’s brand – perceptions and reputation of the function across the wider organisation
  • Engaging Procurement stakeholders just like you would woo a love interest
  • Communicating the Procurement value proposition in the right lingo
  • The importance of Procurement effectiveness
  • Recognising suppliers as components of the enterprise value chain; managing their performance and the relationship effectively; and tapping supplier innovation for enterprise benefit.

Listen to the podcast here.

Features extracts from Procurement Mojo® by Sigi Osagie © 2014

Podcast published on artofprocurement.com and YouTube as “Finding Your Procurement Mojo: This Month in Procurement with Mark Perera & Sigi Osagie” by Art of Procurement, May 2017 and Aug. 2018, respectively. Also available on iTunes