25 Quotes & 75 Questions to Boost Your Thinking on Procurement Success

(Revised and expanded 2nd edition with added bonus material)

Procurement functions that achieve true success and enjoy great esteem across the wider organisation are those built on a foundation of ‘effectiveness’. They focus effort on taking the right actions to sustain their functional capability, support enterprise goals and nurture a credible brand.

But such Procurement units are in the minority. Many Procurement teams are still struggling to find their mojo.

Drawing on extensive experience of establishing and revamping procurement & supply chain functions, this short PDF e-book captures the essence of true Procurement success.

In plain-speaking language, it provides thought-provoking bite-sized tips and probes to help you grasp the fundamentals of elevating your Procurement effectiveness.




What Others Say

Very informative. I’m glad I read this… it will no doubt have a lasting impact…

Michael K

Leeds, UK

…he shares both practical advice and the self-confidence the procurement sector so needs…

Lari Numminen

Head of Marketing, Sievo, Finland

…it’s badly needed… be it known that if you are looking for a way to build your Procurement brand, start by gettin’ Sigi with it!

Sourcing Innovation


…a very impressive book, with much to recommend… the style is very readable – it is unpretentious, clear and direct…

Spend Matters