I was interviewed by A-Speakers for a feature on their website. An unusual mix of questions, covering speaking engagements; inspiring audiences; organisational effectiveness; career growth; and Africa.

Perhaps the most interesting question was this:

Why do you think your unique personal story inspires audiences?

My answer: “Well, I suspect it’s because people who truly want to get more from life are drawn to inspirational stories of such experiences. Deep down inside, many of us would like to do more and be more in our lives. But most people don’t, for a variety of reasons. That still doesn’t stop us being interested in and inspired by legends and real-life stories of triumph over adversity.”

I truly hope that you find something on my website that helps inspire you to triumph and create your own legend.

Read the full interview here.

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Interview published as “Interview with Sigi Osagie” on a-speakers.com, May 2014