1st December. The first day of the last month of the calendar year.

It’s the month when many of us are caught up in the excitement of the coming Christmas festivities, and looking forward to joyful times with family, friends or lovers.

Yet some of us will also be feeling a bit frazzled by the pressures of completing work tasks or projects before the Christmas break.

And some of us may be feeling slightly disheartened or dejected at thoughts that the year is drawing to an end and we may not have achieved our dreams, whatever those dreams are — to get a promotion, to move jobs, to change career, to set up a business or to acquire more cows, goats or chickens.

A recent conversation I had with a new mentoring client brought on this realisation — because she is certainly of the latter group; she’s feeling a bit down because she has ‘failed’ to achieve her career dreams for the year.

I reminded her that days, months and years are features of the human calendar. But in the land of the gods, where her career success is ordained, there are no calendars.

It’s a land inhabited by strange residents with unusual names like Aspiration, Courage, Self-belief, Determination, Patience, Habits, Humour, Perseverance and Victory, most of whom are conscripted to ward off marauding intruders like doubt, worry, stress and fear. A land where things may not always be as they seem. A land where things we humans view as “challenges” or difficulties are actually growth opportunities, and, quite often, our greatest “failures” are our best teachers; if we reflect on the lessons learned from the experiences.

As long as she has done her best in striving to achieve her goals during the year, she can’t ask more of herself.

Her failures and challenges will reap bountiful rewards in ways she may not see right now as the year draws to a close.

Besides, just because her career dreams haven’t materialised into reality this year, as she desired, doesn’t mean they’ll never come to fruition.

So she shouldn’t give up on her dreams if her desires are genuine, because her dreams never give up on her.

And she must try not to be despondent, because her dreams are always waiting for her; even after the Christmas break and the end of the calendar year.

If, like her, you’re striving to turn your career dreams to success, your efforts and dedication will be rewarded; continue to give the endeavour your best. You’ll find my book, Career Dreams to Career Success, a valuable ally in your quest.

In the meantime, whatever your religious beliefs, and whether or not you’ll spend it with your family, your friends or your lover/mistress, try to enjoy the coming Christmas break.

It’s a good respite for us all. And an opportunity to fill your heart with love, humour and laughter, which is brilliant for your mojo.

And remember that, while it’s a break in the calendar year, your dreams don’t go on breaks; neither do the gods who are polishing your star.

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Published as “Career Dreams, Christmas and Calendars” on LinkedIn, 1 Dec. 2018