Procurement Mojo®: Strengthening the Function and Raising Its Profile

Procurement capability in most organisations is hampered because sourcing and purchasing people are beset by organisational challenges – ‘soft’ issues like territorial stakeholders; organisational cultures that hold Procurement in poor esteem; and the lack of a great ‘Procurement brand’.

Procurement Mojo® is THE definitive guide to building a credible Procurement brand and a capability to match.

It reveals practical techniques to strengthen Procurement and raise its profile in the wider enterprise.

A number 1 bestseller at its launch, Procurement Mojo® has received widespread critical acclaim from readers and reviewers around the world.

‘Want to be inspired and energised in your Procurement job? ‘Want to become more organisationally savvy to up your Procurement game? ‘Want to get your Procurement function firing on all cylinders? This is the book for you.

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What’s Inside


  • Be inspired and energised in your Procurement job!
  • Become more effective and organisationally savvy to up your game!
  • Get your Procurement function firing on all cylinders!
  • Embed Procurement in the fabric of the wider organisation!
  • Boost your functional capabilities and build a great ‘Procurement brand’!


Read Procurement Mojo® to discover practical techniques to up your Procurement game, strengthen the function and raise its profile.

You’ll learn how to create Procurement success that lasts.

What Others Say

“There are lots of purchasing books out there, but none of them show how to create a lasting and sustainable Procurement brand. Procurement Mojo®, at last, provides an effective and definitive guide. Sigi Osagie’s vast Procurement experience shines through. Insightful, illuminating and inspiring!”

Jonathan Patrick

Former European Procurement Director, Sony

Procurement Mojo® is extremely relevant and very well-written. Sigi Osagie hits the nail on the head; this book really resonates with my own experience. It convincingly lays out solutions to the difficulties and frustrations Procurement executives and practitioners face – engaging with stakeholders; trying to sell Procurement to the wider business; fighting for investment; and so on. Crucially, Sigi is absolutely right that ‘people’ are the number one factor. I loved the simplicity of the language and the sensible, clear-cut guidance – indispensable advice.”

Paul Farrow

VP Supply Management, Hilton Worldwide

“Sigi Osagie’s personal story of career success – from penniless, near-barefoot immigrant to global supply executive in fourteen years – is as inspiring as the knowledge he shares here. Procurement Mojo® is as much about Procurement success as individual success for purchasing people. Buy this book, read it, and you’ll be delighted!”

Ray Packe

Former Head of Global Purchasing, Marconi PLC

“A much-needed book that articulates the fundamentals of creating Procurement success. Procurement Mojo® brilliantly outlines pragmatic answers to the key problems of building a credible Procurement brand and a capability to match. A great book with sound examples, shrewd approaches and loads of smart advice. Read it!”

James Cowley

Procurement and Supply Chain Director, Balfour Beatty Services

“True Procurement success is not about category management, e-sourcing and so on; it’s about building foundational capability, and Sigi Osagie explains this in a powerfully persuasive manner. Procurement Mojo® underscores the importance of the single most critical factor in creating sustainable success – people. This is an invaluable guide for Procurement professionals and senior executives who want more from their Procurement.”

Allan Stamper

Chief Executive, Water Division, Halma plc.

Procurement Mojo® addresses the real concerns purchasing people grapple with; not least, improving capability, raising Procurement’s profile and nurturing a great Procurement brand. Valuable insights and lots of pragmatic techniques. You must read it if you really want to boost your Procurement ability.”

Stephen Faley

Global Director, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, David Brown Gear Systems

“What purchasing people need most is good practical guidance to tackle the problems they routinely face in the job. Procurement Mojo® provides it. Sigi Osagie highlights the true essence of successful Procurement in simplified language, and offers informed advice on building a Procurement brand, which all purchasing people will get tremendous benefit from.”

David Bradley

Supply Chain Director, Moog Tritech

Procurement Mojo® gets to the core issues – Procurement talent, stakeholders, and Procurement’s profile in the wider business. This book is superbly-focussed and engaging. With stories from his own remarkable career, Sigi Osagie pulls together the secrets of success in Procurement. This book should be compulsory reading for all Procurement professionals and senior executives responsible for purchasing.”

Chris Efstathiou

Vice President of Supply Chain, Kiva Systems

“This is a superb book – a ‘must read’ for all Procurement people! Sigi Osagie lays out a structured approach to the most important Procurement issues, in straightforward language, with compelling models and examples. If you’re in the Procurement field – whether you’re a CPO or a Junior Buyer – read Procurement Mojo® to really up your game. I loved it!”

Roberto Troiolo

Senior Director of Global Procurement, Major telecoms manufacturer