How to Use Voodoo Magic to Win Over Stakeholders

Everybody has issues with “stakeholders.” Even almighty CEOs who seem all powerful and in control.

The only exception, perhaps, is the mad scientist locked away in his laboratory, working in isolation on experiments to discover the next breakthrough in time travel or how to tame the sun and the moon.

Unless you’re a mad scientist, your success at work and in your career is strongly dependent on your ability to foster sound stakeholder relationships.

What you’ll learn from this book will aid you immensely in that regard.

You will gain powerful insights and approaches to help you up your game and hit that sweet spot with your stakeholders at work. And you won’t even need a voodoo doll!

What Others Say

…your book is a delightful read! I loved the real-life stories… with sensible and realistic guidance which I’m already applying with my stakeholders.

Susan M.

Baltimore, USA

…certainly gets some key messages across… If you’re involved with stakeholders then it’s most definitely worth a read, and I bet you recognize yourself somewhere in there.

David Abbott

Changzhou, China

…I’m loving your book… I’m hoping to be able to bring some of your lessons with me into my client relationships!

Rebecca S.

Paris, France

…highly recommended… a light easy read full of profound wisdom… evidently someone worth listening to…

Lesley Mason

Norwich, UK