“Procurement’s true positioning in the enterprise is largely determined by the perceptions of stakeholders, not necessarily the enterprise’s structure,” says Sigi Osagie in Procurement Mojo®, his book on strengthening the function and raising its profile. “The more stakeholders feel that Procurement is meaningful to their activities and existence, the better Procurement’s brand position.”

Building brand capital is therefore an important part of the Procurement transformation process; successful promotion of the department not only wins over sceptical stakeholders, it highlights the importance of the function to the organisation. As Sigi says, it is important to be doing a good job and just as important to be seen to be doing a good job too. So where do you start?

I shared some insights and key tips on raising the profile of the Procurement function with Marine Trader; read the feature here.

Features extracts from Procurement Mojo® by Sigi Osagie © 2014

Published as “3 Ways to Make Your Procurement Department Really Stand Out” in Marine Trader, 15 Oct. 2015