Sigi Osagie - Writer, Speaker, Consultant

Sigi writes and speaks on leadership; organisational effectiveness; procurement & supply chain management; personal effectiveness; change management; and Africa. He has written for several publications, and some of his articles can be viewed below.

Sigi's new book, Procurement Mojo — Strengthening the Function and Raising Its Profile, is THE definitive guide to building a credible Procurement brand and a capability to match.
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Sigi is also frequently featured as an industry thought leader, appearing in print media, round-table conferences, expert panels and other similar events. He was on the advisory board for The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum; a panel member of the Logistics Europe Roundtable The Challenge of Global Sourcing; an advisory panellist for Supply Management; and a member of Logistics Europe Supply Chain Vision Group.

Procurement Mojo by Sigi Osagie
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Articles & Thought Leadership

"Effectiveness is the Conduit to Sustainable Procurement Success"

In-procurement Dec. 2016

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"In Soft Focus"

REED Appoint Procurement & Supply Chain Winter 2015

Leveraging people issues in Procurement

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"African Renaissance"

Corporate Africa June 2011

Africa's outlook and risks: Civil unrests - the dawn of a new era?

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"The 'L' in Lean"

Lean Management Journal Issue 08, Jan/Feb. 2011

The importance of leadership in Lean success.

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"How To Fix Inefficient Processes"

International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management Ezine Jan. 2011

Business processes, employee morale, customer satisfaction and effectiveness.

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Summary profile feature

Supply Management 11 Nov. 2010

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"Lean Everywhere"

Engineering & Technology Vol. 4 Issue 4, 28 Feb. 2009

Lean is not a panacea.

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"Have You Found Your 'L' Spot?"

Dec. 2008

Lean Logistics and Leadership.

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"Out of Africa"

Supply Chain Standard Oct. 2008

Manufacturing in China and Africa's potential as the next low-cost manufacturing region.

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"Advisor Q+A: Defining the roles"

Supply Management 11 June 2009

Expert panel advice on procurement responsibilities.

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"Manufacturing Evolution"

Engineering Nov/Dec. 2008

Outsourcing, OEMs and effective supply chain management.

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"Beyond Low Prices: 'Tips for Purchasers'"

Supply Management 28 May 2009

Supply chain effectiveness and efficiency, and business profitability.

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Review - "The Accountable Leader"

Supply Management 18 Sept. 2008

Sigi Osagie reviews Brian Dive's book on leadership.

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"Evolution of Manufacturing"

Engineering & Technology Vol. 3 Issue 15, 6 Sept. 2008

Manufacturers in a global market and opportunities to develop non-core skills.

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"Leadership Lessons from Mugabe?"

Oct. 2008

Leadership effectiveness and career success for technical professionals.

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"What Next for Africa?"

Supply Management 28 Feb. 2008

Africa's potential to become the next major outsourcing hub.

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"African Promise"

Engineering & Technology Vol. 3 Issue 7, 26 Apr. 2008

Multinational manufacturers and Africa's viability for low-cost manufacturing.

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"The Truth About Congo"

Nov. 2008

Human crises in DRC and leadership failure.

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"What Do We Think of What Bosses Think of Procurement?"

Feb. 2008

Purchasing professionals and business dynamics.

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